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Get In The Picture!

May 13, 2017

The saying is, a picture says a thousand words.  I disagree with that.  A picture says a lot more then that.  It says laughter, tears, occasions that can never be recreated.

How many times have you said no, when asked to be in a picture?  Hey, I'm not judging, I have done it and at times still do. We don't like the way we look in those spontaneous moments! Here's the thing, WHO CARES!!  Yep, that's what I said, who cares.  To quote Sue Bryce, "When you're gone, all that remains are the pictures and images of you. Be in the pictures, leave memories for your children, grandchildren, and many future generations. Your family will not care that you had extra weight or a bad haircut, they care to see your smile and your face."  I have to admit, this is so very true.  You see being an only child (ok, I know that explains a lot to some of you! HA!), I hold my family and friends close to my heart.  While going through some boxes of pictures this morning, I found some very funny and touching moments.   Permed hair, big glasses (I'm guilty of that.), bigger hair, camp pics, formal portraits, wedding pics, old school pics, well you get the idea.  What makes the pictures so special, besides triggering the memories of the events and times, it is also the realization that some of those people are no longer here.

This weekend is in celebration of mom.  I find it very poetic that my first blog be today.  My parents were my rock, daddy loved the camera, mom did the normal thing and ran.  This weekend start something new.  Don't Run from the Camera.  Get in the pictures.  Be silly.  Be serious.  Be YOU! 

Create those moments that will be forever frozen in time.  We can work together to make the most awesome experience for future generations to love. Serious or funny, let's design your lasting footprint. Give me a shout and let's meet for coffee and brainstorming.