The last few weeks OKC has been visited by Paints and Quarter Horses. Performing both Western pleasure and trail riding abilities and English pleasure riding. The horse world is a big family.  A rider from Chicago hollers at her friend from Dallas asking how his horse is. They build friendships that last a lifetime.  It becomes very clear that not only do they know each other, they also know their horses and dogs.  Yes, dogs are a part of the riding world.  Cowboys on the trail used to have dogs that traveled along to help with the herd, provide companionship and protection.

If you have never attended a horse show, you should.  Riders of all ages compete for ratings. The ladies are wearing amazing outfits and everyone wears a hat. The saddles have silver work on the edges and the horses are outstanding.  What captures your attention is watching a small little girl control a 1,200 lb. animal that stands way over her head. She guides her horse through a canter, a slow lope, a walk.  Reining with only 1 hand, a few clicks and a gig of her heel. Knowledge and traditions that have been passed down through generations.

These events are usually free to the public and are at the State Fair Grounds.  You can walk through the stalls and talk to the riders and their families.  Let's just say I haven't found a group yet that wouldn't talk to me about their horses, dogs and where they are from.   Oh and if you think horses don't have their own personalities, then I highly encourage you to check them out.  You might even catch a horse laughing!